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Vampire the masquerade pc patch

vampire the masquerade pc patch

Unofficial german Patch.8 by Voerman (253MB).
List of changes Camarilla Edition.5 Download Camarilla Edition.5 (348MB) This MOD is based upon patch.8, but doesn't require it installed.
Unofficial polish Patch.4.2 by jasiek_barca (244MB).
Patch.6, unofficial english Patch.6 by Wesp5 (239MB).List of changes Camarilla Edition.6 Download Camarilla Edition.6 (358MB) This MOD is based upon patch.1, but doesn't require it installed.Unofficial french Patch.7 by Yannick (243MB).Available Addons:-, developer: Troika Studios, publisher: Activision, homepage(s.You are not allowed to host this file on your servers without our trilogy lock installation manual written permission!List of changes in version.7.List of changes in version.4.1.Unofficial german Patch.6 by Voerman (246MB).Patch.5.1, unofficial english Patch.5.1 by Wesp5 (241MB).Official Patch.2, download Official Patch.2 (13MB patch.2 is no longer neccessary to upgrade to the latest unofficial patch!Download The Final Nights.0.1 (66MB) This MOD is a Addon and only requires Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines installed.Latest official patch:.2, unofficial English Patch Support Forum @ Planet Vampire.List of changes For more updated information on the Game click here.Pleasse don't install any other patches or MODs.Patch.4 Unofficial english Patch.4 by Wesp5 (243MB) List of changes in version.4 Patch.3.1 Unofficial english Patch.3.1 by Wesp5 (243MB) Unofficial english Patch.3 to .3.1 by Wesp5 (5MB) List of changes in version.3.1 Patch.3 Unofficial english Patch.3.List of changes in Clan Quest MOD.0 Clan Quest MOD.1 Download english Clan Quest MOD.1 (701MB) This MOD is based upon patch.3, but doesn't require it installed.By Wes Fenlon, pixel Boost It's incredible that Vampire the Masquerade is 10 years old, and the fan community is still patching it to make it a better game.Patch.4.2, unofficial english Patch.4.2 by Wesp5 (243MB).Unofficial Polish Patch Support Forum, please submit any corrections, additions, requests hp onboard administrator firmware upgrade and missing downloads on this page to us through our.List of changes in version.6.Patch.5, unofficial english Patch.5 by Wesp5 (241MB).
List of content in The Final Nights.0 Camarilla Edition Website: m Final Camarilla Edition Download final Camarilla Edition (377MB) This MOD is based upon patch.5, but doesn't require it installed.
Patch.4.1, unofficial english Patch.4.1 by Wesp5 (243MB).