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Ultimate muscle episodes in hindi

ultimate muscle episodes in hindi

While waiting Kid Muscle goes to the Sushi bar and meats Sunshine himself!
The two then collide in the ring until Kid Muscle shows up and breaks up the fight.
02 "Generation-Next" "Battle to the Dead!
Now its up to Kid Muscle to win the tournament, can he do it?The bell tolls and the match begins but neither wrestler wants to make the first move.34 "Checkmate Returns (Part 2 of 2 "Defeat Fork the Giant!" (!) TBA March 29, The Kid is getting clobbered by the half-man, half-machine, Forkollossus!Jeager, Ricardo, Barrierfreeman, and Hollywood Bowl all exhort Kid to get up, too.Dik Dik is holding his own against.The Frog Ring Battle!" (!!) TBA September 20, After Monsieur Cheeks Knocks Wally Tusket into The lake and.Muscle Millennium!" (!!) TBA March 15, After being manhandled by Mars the Kid, in order to make new moves to win, must use something he has never before HIS brain!The Tatami Ring Death Match" (?!Jade vs Ricardo"!31 "A Desperate Situation (Part 3 of 4 "Desperate Crisis!) TBA April 12, As Ninja Ned falls down the bottomless pit his scarf flies up to The Kid, meaning only one thing Ninja Ned has selected The Kid to avenge him.The two continue combat, but Kevin Mask gains the upper hand and forces Blocks to revert to his original form.They fight to rescue Kiki who is in the jester cameras that is digital and manual controls head and the odds arent good.
With the crowd against the kid, barrier freeman manhandles the kid.
Checkmate gets up only to fall into pieces.