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Top used manual transmission cars

top used manual transmission cars

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News World Reports rankings of compact SUVs.
But there are still cars where manuals make sense.For 2001, North American market A4s were offered with either a 170-hp, 20-valve,.8-liter turbocharged-4 or a 190-hp.8-liter.Motoring purists will opt for the stick with unwavering conviction.In our rankings of subcompact cars, the Sonic holds the second position.Since Audi buyers are usually responsible adults, there's little reason to settle for a car without a comprehensive service history.Online sources: BMW Car Club of America,, BMW 7 Resource 2002-'06 Acura RSX The RSX succeeded the Integra back in 2002 when Acura decided to get out of the real name business.And don't be surprised if you wind up looking at many WRXs that have been creatively and tragically modified.However, the 2017 Mini Cooper is an exception to the trend, getting better economy with its stick-shift.Chevrolet Corvette ZO6, instruction manual ford ka 2002 pdf jumping off the line next is a 650 horsepower, rear-wheel drive monster that is sure to catapult anyone from fun to frightening in under three seconds.Photo: General Motors 8 of Chevrolet Sonic Subcompact economy cars arent known for being particularly fun to drive, but if you equip a 2017 Chevrolet Sonic with the available.4-liter turbocharged engine and a six-speed manual transmission, youll have the most engaging combination available.Toyota trucks have been a staple of reliability for decades now, and whats best is that the Japanese auto maker has the nerve to keep offering this truck with a manual gearbox after all these years!Thats like buying a doughnut, saying hold the sprinkles, and then getting charged extra for.The fours may be easier on fuel, but the.0-liter V6 is the best driver and the most straightforward to maintain.But trying to fix a rare turbo engine on a budget is almost impossible.