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The dark knight rises game ios

the dark knight rises game ios

One True Love : Bruce is certain that Rachel was his, and so he doesn't even try to move on in the eight years since her death.
Faking the Dead : Batman fakes a Heroic Sacrifice at the end so that Bruce Wayne can live acid pro 4.0 f crack with keygen cod black ops 1 multiplayer crack skidrow life over with a clean slate.After she shoots two of the mercenaries dead by herself with Stryver's pistol, the swat team barges in, and Selina screams like a distressed hostage.Impoverished Patrician : Bruce spends a lot of Wayne Enterprises' profits on the reactor project, but what really ruins him is Bane staging the entire stock exchange robbery to enter worthless futures under his name (which is what the application on the shoeshiner's computer.Bilingual Bonus : A more obscure one then most - the "Deshi bashara" chant used throughout the movie?This is what allows him to withstand all of Batman's attacks - it's not that Batman isn't damaging his body, he just doesn't feel.Batman showing Blake how to use his smoke bombs.In the novelization, the meeting Bruce has with Fox where the Bat is unveiled takes place before Bruce visits Gordon at the hospital and dances with Selina Kyle, where it happens after these scenes.Batman's remark when being at the receiving end of a Stealth Hi/Bye, "So that's what that feels like." is taken from Kingdom Come.One-Woman Wail : When Batman flies out during the finale.Lucius Fox, as always.After that brief shot, sound resumes to help give more impact to the remaining five seconds until the explosion goes off.Foreshadowing : Here's one combined with Rule of Symbolism.John Daggett, especially when he tries talking down to Bane.It's just buried ten stories underground at the bottom of a giant hole open to the sky, with seemingly more than enough handholds on the walls.Also the smug and foppish CIA Special Agent Bill Wilson at the start of the film, who seems to be enjoying his High-Altitude Interrogation rather more than is seemly, if only for the fact that he's Littlefinger.Meaning it's hard to figure out his weakness unless you get sent to the Pit to do hard time.Obviously, it doesn't end so well for his neck.High-HeelFace Turn : Selina Kyle Hoist by His Own Petard : Not only does dell scan center 2335dn Bane use many of Batman's own methods and moves against him, but he also steals most of his armory, including a small fleet of unpainted Tumblers upgraded with various heavy weaponry.
Older Sidekick : As stated below.
All to avenge the man who excommunicated Bane.