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Star trek next generation episodes

star trek next generation episodes

They discover they are in a cloaked, phased state where they can manual de servicio hp probook 4710s see and hear the crew but the crew cannot see or hear them.
However, before he can properly install Gowron as the new emperor, Duras' sisters Lursa and B'Etor produce Toral, a bastard child of Gowron, who claims the right to succession.
With TNG's first season being set in 2364, 78 years prior would have been 2286.
The Borg hail Picard specifically and demand that Picard beam aboard their ship immediately, threatening the destruction of the Enterprise if he refuses.Roddenberry himself volunteered to extend Fontana's script to two hours, eventually adding the Q storyline.Scanlan Writer: Tracy Torme Cast: Lawrence Tierney (Cyrus Redblock Harvey Jason (Felix Leach William Boyett (Lt.Farallon) looking for ways to improve mining techniques on an experimental station orbiting Tyrus 7A has a hobby creating mechanical robots known badcopy pro 4 1 crack as exocomps.As the Enterprise investigates, they find themselves fighting the same fate that destroyed the other ship.Do the Ligonians kidnap this blonde woman?While there, a prisoner escapes jail and Prime Minister Narok asks for assistance in recapturing him.Snodgrass Cast: Eileen Seeley (Ardrian Mark.Time'S arrow, part II Producer: Peter Lauritson Teleplay: Jeri Taylor Story: Joe Menosky Director: Les Landau Cast: Jerry Hardin (Mark Twain Pamela Kosh (Mrs.Commander Argyle Charles Dayton (Crewman Victoria Dillard (Ballerina) An engineer and his alien assistant board the Enterprise to perform an experiment that would increase warp engine output.Hurley (Woman) Riker brings a highly addictive game back from vacation and everyone on board the Enterprise becomes hooked by it, except for Data who suffers from a mysterious malfunction.After regaining control of the ship, the crew is perplexed by the sudden computer malfunctions encountered.Moore, Naren Shankar Director: Paul Lynch Cast: Ray Walston (Boothby Robert Duncan McNeill (Locarno Ed Lauter (Albert Richard Fancy (Captain Satak Jacquelin Brookes (Admiral Brand Walker Brandt (Hajar Shannon Fill (Sito) Wesley's flight squadron at StarFleet Academy is involved in an accident which cost the.Arrido Kevin Peter Hall (Leyor) A race of beings known as the Barzan have discovered the only known stable wormhole and are willing to sell it to the highest bidder.THE outcast Producers: David Livingston, Herbert.A matter OF time Producer: David Livingston Writer: Rick Berman Director: Paul Lynch Cast: Matt Frewer (Rasmussen Stefan Gierasch (Dr.When one of the Borg is captured, they discover that the Borg are now lead by someone who has taught them new ideas.
However, as he lays on the bridge in an apparent coma for only a few minutes, Picard imagines that he is a scientest named Kamin living a doomed planet a long time ago.