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Smoking crack smells like

smoking crack smells like

We (NON drug users) find it smells like: Hot Oatmeal with brown sugar on action game for pc it, with a bit of a cranberry or orange or "fruity" aroma mixed ke a scented candle almost.
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It would smell like burned sugar, like peanut brittle that has been overcooked but without the peanut smell.
My new room mate has that exact smell coming out of her room from time to time.Add air force equipment manuals a comment posted by Anonymous thats false, it got a sweet smell.It kills blood cells which comes out in darker piss and through the pores.It is somewhat sweet, but is very much a chemical odor.It kinda smells like Thierry Mugler's Womanity perfume.0 you voted ewww i used to be a juvenile delinquent when i was younger and i started selling this nasty stuff and i started to notice the horible smell on the buyer's hands and the smell of there money just plain disgusting add.That means it's either YOU or someone you care/love.Add a comment Security code is wrong!2 you voted My husband's nephew stays with.Keep ur "Very nasty" to yourself!This is how I know.Because I am not.Mix of ammonia and funk.
Add a comment posted by Anonymous, you are the only one here that mentioned smoking crack smells like the worst case scenario of body odor or discharge.
It definitely has a burnt rubber band odor, sometimes it smells like that purple cabbage that's pickled or whatever they do to it in Ireland.