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Pokemon blue version gameshark codes

pokemon blue version gameshark codes

Enter the Safari Zone and walk around a bit.
You can have unlimited rare candies, iron, calcium, master balls, poké balls, escape ropes, whatever.
Defeating Ghost Pokemon Whenever you have to face a ghost Pokemon, use th following elements against it: Poison Ground Rock Ghost Getting a Farfetch'd A trader in Vermillion City top image editing software will give you a Farfetch'd in exchange for smackdown vs raw for pc crack a Spearow.tHIS code will NOT work ON this version TO MY knowledge.Next surf up and down.To get charmander then, go up to nugget bridge and the first square.Put the item you want to duplicate 6th on the item menu (use the select button).There are different color combinations you can make.Mime Go out the hous along route 2,just outside Veridian City.And when your at the Elite 4 your Charmander should be at level 60-40.Teach it Flamethrower, Slash, Earthquake, and Hyper beam.Funny character names, jun 3, 17 7:10am, how do you leave the trade centre?When ask you "are you in a hurry" answer "no".Then use surf to move between the land and the water.E9CA5465, a47FB2DC 1AF3CA86, blue/Rival 6825BAF7 7FBB91B5, a3C0AC80 2CB1E0F8, d79B42F4 6B775649 edit: Retyped the code as it should appear as entered on your Action Replay/Gameshark.Now use you're Ultra Balls or Master Ball.Use that pause to attack.You must also train your Pokemon and defeat the eight gym leaders throughout the land.Missingno can learn Strength, Fly, and Surf.