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Oracle 9i client for aix

oracle 9i client for aix

@echo OFF REM REM Set up client specific variables REM set BC_dirc:BC REM REM Define minimum space value in floating point format REM Example: 1E5100,000 (100K) .75E5175,000 (175K) REM 2E62,000,000 (2MB) REM set minspace1.75E5 ucd BC_DIRscript REM REM Now let's go get disk space.
Txt REM REM If we found disks critically low on space, send an e-mail REM alert to the DBA staff REM test -s1 alert.
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Any hardcore unix guru accustomed to the power and robustness of scripting under a unix shell, may be sorely disappointed when they are exposed to the Windows native command prompt environment.Using batch files to invoke Oracle processes.Txt exit Monitoring disk usage in Windows Disk_t (example-6) is a script that monitors disk free space. .Solaris disk performance measue User public questions Single-statement 'write consistency' on read committed.REM * Caution * REM The following /delete switch clears all REM jobs from the Windows Scheduler REM AT /delete /yes REM REM Schedule Monday Table Index Reports REM AT 6:30 /every:M cmd /c BC_DIRscriptget_obj_t AT 7:30 /every:M cmd /c BC_DIRscriptweekly_rpt_t AT .How to group synonyms?How to improve this query?Indigo Star Software ( m ) has developed and markets the exact solution I was seeking. .While SFU is certainly a more comprehensive solution than the native command prompt, I found it to be a much more complicated solution than my final choice of tools and it still didn?The Windows Scheduler can be programmed to run batch scripts either from the Windows Control Panel interface or via command line execution of the AT command.Sun E450 Oracle Server available full join syntax vs Jobs stills executed after OEM crash.12 patch installation Auto Startup Shutdown Problem db file sequential read wait question on opinions/reviews of oracle online library How many blocks are read from Disk to Buffer Cache?Dll Oracle RAC Monitoring Running Instances on Windoz db cache size in oracle 9ir2 Tune a *simple* join on a count Standby and primary on different version of Solaris (7 and 8) Working Days.Rman Compession (Again) merge question Update: "ORA-01467 : sort key too long" refreshing MV Powered by vBulletin Version.2.2 Copyright 2017 vBulletin Solutions, Inc.I was recently assigned the task of converting some heavily used unix scripts to a Windows 2000 Server platform. .Script needed Sample cold backup script Is there such thing as row migration for indexes?Error: ORA-00101: invalid specification for system parameter dispatchers rman point-in-time recovery problem Can't login on Management Server Accessing data from an MS access db from an Oracle unix server Duplicate database using OEM Instance vs Schema pro/cons Start http server powered by Apache Virtual Directory.Need tools to send mail about monitoring result of Oracle alert log in NT/2000 Recommended Linux for Oracle RAC, Oracle apps, Ias Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA) Oracle over VPN dying during re-negotiation newbie listener question What locks the table?Compare package in 2 schemas temp tablespace little problem JD Edwards 32bit to 64bit Clone from hot backup Oracle 9i R2 missing OCI.With the release of Windows 2000 Server, however, Microsoft began a campaign to break into the datacenter touting significant reliability improvements and a significant cost differential harry belafonte harry jump in the line (both hardware and software) over the unix platform. .
Partition Pruning on null - need help.
Txt echo 'Please see attached dump identified on' message.