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Ode to the nightingale pdf

ode to the nightingale pdf

The objection that the nightingale, is not immortal need not trouble.
He finds that the nightingales song gives rise to an illusion, and continental electric rice cooker manual illusion which fails, leaving the listener alone with his cares and griefs.
The Yearning to Escape from the Human World Secondly, the nightingales song makes the poet yearn to escape from a world overshadowed with deathWhere youth grows pale, and spectre-thin, and dies, Where but to think is to be full of sorrow.After thus using suggestion Keats goes on, in cha practitioner manual 1998 edition the fifth stanza, to specification.Three main thoughts stand out in the ode.Then, catching up his own last word forlorn, with an abrupt change of mood and meaning, he returns to daily consciousness, and with the fading away of his forest-dream the poem closes.The wine would put him in a state in which he would no longer be himself, aware that life is full of pain, that the young die, the old suffer, and that just to think about life brings sorrow and despair.This is a world in which people hear, each others groans, a world in which palsy may attack the old and consumption may attack the young, in which merely to think is to become sad, and in which both beauty and love are short-lived.The Desire to Die The note of pessimism is found also in the lines where the poet expresses a desire to die, to cease upon the midnight with no pain.The touch of the supernatural, the mystery, and above all the suggestiveness of these lines have made them a test by which purely romantic poetry can be judged and measured.The poets desire for wine does not mean a desire for warmth and gaiety; it is a desire for escape from the world of realities.The poem opens with a passionate feeling of joy akin to the benumbing effect of some drug.The Mood of Delight in the Midst of Natural Beauty The mood of deep pessimism and despair gives way to a mood of delight occasioned by his imaginative contact with the beauty and glory of Nature.This darkness is, indeed, emphasised: shadows numberless (line 9 the forest dim (line 20 verdurous glooms (line 40).It is said that in these two lines Keats has touched the high watermark of romanticism.
Imagined as the golden age of Flora and the country green, and more fully as the forest of the nightingale, it becomes first the bird, the voice of Nature; then the ideal poet; and finally the ideal itself.
Many a time, he confesses, he has been "half in love with easeful Death." The nightingale is free from the human fate of having to die.