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Nikon d60 manual settings

nikon d60 manual settings

The XS doesn't have the same user-friendly LCD display as the D60.
Quick Overview.2 megapixels, compatible with Nikon AF-S and AF-I lenses 3 photos per second, iSO settings from 100 to 3200.With no fiddling at all, the images produced by the Nikon D60 were sharp and bright.It delivers a basic level of the required quality, even though the camera features some weaknesses).However, there are two drawbacks to this approach: You don't have a lot of control over how the black and white image appears (using the other two methods you can apply a variety of filters as you convert from color to black and white) Since.Advanced Modes (Exposure Modes) Select these modes for full control over camera settings.Symbols and Conventions To make it easier to find the information you need, the following symbols (icons) and conventions are used: This icon marks cautions, information This icon.The issue here is that the camera might expose and focus on the background rather than your primary subject, if your subject is way off to the side of the frame.Exposure Compensation Intentionally over or under expose photos captured by the camera in Program, Aperture Priority or Shutter Priority modes.The good news for anyone considering the Nikon D60 is that - like other Nikons - it does a great job of suppressing image noise at high ISO settings.The biggest minecraft full game for linux variable is your subject : with a static subject, stabilization will definitely help to make your photo look clear.Even though the D60 is a small-sized digital SLR camera, it still fills out your hand nicely and doesn't feel cramped or uncomfortable.At ISO 100 (the default setting) my shutter speed was a slow 1/30th of a second, not nearly fast enough to prevent my fast-moving kids from turning out blurry.Auto Incandescent (tungsten) Fluorescent: choose Sodium-vapor, Warm-white, White, Cool-white, Day White, Daylight, Mercury-vapor Sunlight Flash Cloudy Shade Manual ISO A high ISO mans the sensor is absorbing light faster, allowing you to use faster shutter speeds in dim light.When Active D-Lighting is turned OFF, the image that you just captured displays immediately on the LCD so that you can check the composition.Having said that, be aware that there is one major limitation to buying a camera like the Nikon D60: autofocus won't work with many older Nikon and third party lenses.Here are some more details to help you do just that: difference analysis The D60 has more megapixels than the D40 The higher megapixel count is most important for those who want to make prints larger than 8x10 inches.There are a wide variety of additional accessories that can be paired with the Nikon D60 that will expand and enhance what you can do with the camera.17 2 Viewfinder 7, 26 14 Battery-chamber 17, 157 3 Eye 123 15 Tripod socket 4 Diopter adjustment control.Enhanced dynamic range, key Feature, the key feature on the Nikon D60 is the same one that's available on the D40 and D40x: the LCD screen displays camera information as both graphics and numbers.An interesting feature is the Nikon D60 animation support: if you select in the menu a few photos in jpeg format, the camera self-assembles them into a short video clip.
If you have not yet understood the multiple fine-tuning of the D60, the camera offers Auto mode, which suits almost all shooting conditions.
Using the directional keypad and the OK button, you can select and then tweak any one of the following: Image Quality Choose one of five different image quality settings (higher image quality increases the file size of each image, reducing the number of images that.