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Logrotate html manual page

logrotate html manual page

Dspam_logrotate - Helper for Dspam log files rotation.
The weekday intepretation is following: 0 means Sunday, 1 means Monday,., 6 means Saturday; the special value 7 means each 7 days, irrespectively of weekday.Dateformat format_string Specify the extension for dateext using the notation similar to strftime(3) function.Hi, I splashid safe crack mac have a CentOS 5, I wanted to rotate the current system log files manually and download them for trouble shooting, so I went to /etc/logrotate.The log file is overwritten on every logrotate execution.Maillast When using the mail command, mail the about-to-expire file, instead of the just-rotated file (this is the default).Weekly weekday Log files are discreet cleaner xl crack rotated once each weekday, or if the date is advanced by at least 7 days since the last rotation (while ignoring the exact time).Note that log file names may be enclosed in"s (and that"s are required if the name contains spaces).If the scripts exit with error, the remaining actions will not be executed for any logs.Mode specifies the mode for the olddir directory in octal (the same as chmod(2) owner specifies the user name who will own the olddir directory, and group specifies the group the olddir directory will belong.It will not modify a log multiple times in one day unless the criterion for that log is based beltronics 870 owners manual on the log's size and logrotate is being run multiple times each day.m, -mail command Tells logrotate which command to use when mailing logs.This only has effect when used in combination with compress.Page in Other Manuals.Configuration file top logrotate reads everything about the log files it should be handling from the series of configuration files specified on the command line.
However, if none of the logs in the pattern require rotating, the scripts will not be run at all.
Tabooext list The current taboo extension list is changed (see the include directive for information on the taboo extensions).