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Honda shine owners manual.pdf

honda shine owners manual.pdf

And despite having officially been designated a "custom the CB900 isn't quite that, either.
It was initially a bored and stroked version of volvo v70 owners manual 2002 pdf the 16-valve CB750F, made for the European market and introduced there last year.
Heat made the brake pads literally smoke; it didn't glaze them or warp the stainless steel rotors, and the brakes continued to do their job.
Front Tyre 110/90-19, rear Tyre 130/90-16, dry Weight 277 kg / 611 lbs Fuel Capacity 16 Litres /.2 US gal Consumption Average.2 mpg Standing Mile.9 sec / 177.8 km/h Top Speed 135 mph 217.3 km/h Road Test Cycle 1980 "Oh, do not ask.Europe's CB900s are chain driven, and Honda wanted a shaft-drive model to slip into the broad product gap between the GL1100 and CX500 shafties.The CB900.21 second quicker than the GS850, with an essentially identical speed; it totally out-performs the.26-second, 101.46-mph Yamaha triple.The CB900 isn't as cold-blooded as many of the pre-EPA Hondas.Clutch, air cooled, Transmission 5 Speed, final Drive, shaft, front Suspension 37mm Air assisted forks, Front Wheel Travel 155 mm /.0.Honda needed wheelbase to make room for an absolutely enormous engine bay; they devoted remarkably little of the space to the CB900's swing arm, which is too short to subdue the shaft drive's torque jacking effects.Also new is the '81's instrument lighting: Honda has gone to shine-through illumination, with bulbs behind the instruments' e markings glow in a pale green, highly readable yet restful to the eyes.They had to couple a left-side transmission output stub to a right-side final drive, and the twain dropbox for mac air could not be made to meet without taking complicated measures.For 1981, the electrical system also includes dual horns, which may not be mellow but most certainly are loud.You feel tremors at idle and a subdued buzz above 6000 rpm; that's all.Both tires are H-rated, as before, but they're now tube-less, which we consider a step forward.Honda's first version of the American CB900 had a center-axle front fork; this new one, a 1981 model, has similar 37mm fork tubes but leading-axle sliders.The only ill-effects noted during this phase of our testing were an elevation of lever-pressure requirement with extremely high temperatures and a deterioration of brake feel.These get off-idle help from an accelerator pump, which discharges into all four throats, but there still is a slight hestitation in the low-speed throttle response to aggravate the effects of drive-train lash.The new fork's tubes are angled back a little in their triple-clamps to place the axle icwrapper.dll failed to register right where it was before, so there's no appreciable alteration in steering geometry.And the below-axle portions of the new sliders are hollow, mere adornments promising but not delivering extra travel and/or slider overlap.Honda cobbled together eight gears, three shafts, a U-joint, an extra torque cushion and many seals and bearings just to replace a length of chain.
In most ways the CB900's engine is a pure pleasure, whether it's touring, drive-in visiting or home/work commuting you've asked it.