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Game maker 5.2 version

game maker 5.2 version

Contents show.1 (November 1999 edit, first public release of Game Maker.
V8.0 (December 2009) Edit New green icon instead of the old blue or red one Muche improved imageeditor with full aphachannel support Toturials inbuilt Compatible with GM5 and forward.1 (April 15 2011) Edit No more Softwrap!Better 2D and 3D crackdown 2 demo glitch after the patch support with a 24bit ZBuffer and faster rendering.New GML commands such as draw_self and d3d_light_define_ambient.The Image Editor has been updated to use the mouse wheel and middle button for better zooming and panning.Edit, graphics engine redone using DirectX, introduction of saving and loading.Some custom YoYo extensions brought into the fold, such as os_type and os_device to aid multiplatform coding.Collision_line Constants can now be defined Many other improvements and additions Major bug fix.3, where after a few hours of running, a GM game would crash.0 (October 2004) Edit Graphics engine rewrite, using Direct3D (improved graphics capability) Alpha transparency faster and easier.Keyboard pressing is detectable in GML.Here are them listed.Bug fixes.0 (September 2000 edit, first use of DirectX for sound.Mp3 support, splash screen support.Changed room editor right mouse click priorities.You can now PAN around inside the path editor using the middle mouse button.Introduction of precise collision checking, multiple alarms added, arrays can now be.1 (Early 2001).Many other improvements and additions.2 (December 2003) Edit Improved room design form Addition actions for things such as particle systems Introduction of layered tiles Many other improvements and additions.3 (April 2004) Edit Improved path editor (games made.2 will no longer have.V7.0 (February 2007) Edit First release on YoYo Games Extension system added Softwrap registration system added Approximately 1MB is added to each executable Vista-supported Version names have been changed from Unregistered and Registered to Lite and Pro respectively.Middle mouse button pans around the room A customisable background grid has been applied to the room editor.
You can now change the default background colour for rooms (when no room background has been set) You can now disable background room filling, so you can see the background grid when no room colour has been set A new and improved NEWs system, bringing.
Menu for normal, ctrlrmb for delete You can now right click an object and edit it from within the Room Editor You can now use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out in the Room editor.