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Dsp software engineer interview questions

dsp software engineer interview questions

(c) Understanding of the need to very carefully parenthesize arguments to macros.
A: I think Select statement are used when you are using one condtion to compare with several condtions like select pass when Physics 60 when math 100 when English 50; otherwise fail; ( something like this may be with little bit sintax error ) 2).
Im looking for several things here: (a) Basic knowledge of the #define syntax (i.e.The first should set bit 3.Please visit this Website.Infinite loops often arise in embedded systems.In some cases one needs to stack additional registers, in other cases, one simply cannot do floating point in an ISR.Here is a short description about the work profile.Victor, unfortunately with a given sound system installed, you have to live with the one you have.What does the keyword const mean?Having lulled the candidate into a sense of false security, I then offer up this tidbit: What does the following code fragment output and why?Posted 30 May by, iC Resources 45K - 65K plus benefits dSP PHY Software Engineer.The answers are: (a) int a; / An integer (b) int *a; / A pointer to an integer (c) int *a; / A pointer to a pointer to an integer (d) int a10; dell 960a printer updated drivers / An array of 10 integers (e) int *a10; / An array.This is also acceptable. .It is volatile because it can change unexpectedly.'the criteria of data'?Embedded systems are often characterized by requiring the programmer to access a specific memory location.Hello All I am called for an onsite interview at Qualcomm for Engineer- System Test position.
It should be coded: unsigned int compzero 0; This question really gets to whether the candidate understands the importance of word length on a computer. .
Ok, I have to dive in on a few but.