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Db2 sql reference manual version 10

db2 sql reference manual version 10

Terms Refer to the following list for a description of each term and clause: force Shuts down the current Oracle instance (if it is running) with shutdown mode abort, before restarting.
Trimspool ON does not affect terminal output.
Refer to the following list for a description of each term or clause: type_tribute_name Identifies the data item (typically the name of an attribute) within the set of attributes for a given object of Object Type, type_name.SQL*Plus removes the sqlterminator (a semicolon by default) before the host command is issued.Noduplicates software to vce files Prints blanks rather than the value of a break column when the value is a duplicate of the column's value in the preceding row.( column cannot have a table or view appended.After you use the create command to create a stored procedure, a message is displayed if the stored procedure has any compilation errors.ON changes the value of c back to the default period (.BindVariable exits the subprogram and returns you to SQL*Plus.COL n manual de instrucciones de la psp Indents to column n of the current line (backward if column n has been passed).Examples To list the contents of the buffer, enter list You will see a listing of all lines in the buffer, similar to the following example: 1 select last_name, department_ID, JOB_ID 2 from EMP_details_view 3 where JOB_ID 'SH_clerk' 4* order BY department_ID The asterisk indicates.A primary database actively archives its redo log files to the standby site.Example If you define the escape character as an exclamation point!Examples The following script contains some typical comments: REM compute sims 3 ps2 cheat codes uses break ON report to break on end of table break ON report compute SUM OF "department 10" "department 20" - "department 30" "total BY JOB_ID" ON report REM Each column displays the sums.Spool spool is not available in i SQL*Plus.
Examples The commands in the following script cause SQL*Plus to exit and commit any pending changes if a failure occurs when reading from the output file: whenever oserror exit start no_such_file OS Message: No such file or directory Disconnected from Oracle.
Usage Bind variables may be used as parameters to stored procedures, or may be directly referenced in anonymous PL/SQL blocks.