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Correspondence manual navy procedure

correspondence manual navy procedure

General instructions, introduction, the first edition of the United States Navy Filing Manual was approved by the Secretary of the Navy July 5, 1923, and ordered put into use by all naval activities.
On second and succeeding pages, the margin at the top of the page is 1 inch, and the other margins are the same as on the first page. .Most of the file, however, consists of memorandums relating to the acquisition of hydrographic and topographic information on Pacific islands, requests and receipts for publications, distribution lists of publications, and correspondence relating to changes and corrections in publications.211 - Radio Many of the documents in this mickey mouse musica mediafire file relate to technological developments in the field of naval communications, such as undersea radio reception, radio interference (jamming) exercises, and radio-controlled vessels.Lexington and, saratoga (162-164).216 - Charts, Maps, and Publications Substantive documents in this file include the following: 1920 drafts of a manual on torpedo fire from destroyers (216-9 and of a "war manual with comments (216-20 correspondence on the preparation of a minesweeping manual (216-12 an analysis.Naval Advisory Staff in Paris (102-35).For carbon copies, white and colored manifold paper (tissues) is used. .Administrative inspections When administrative inspections are held it is recommended that the inspection officer chock the Piling Manuals in possession of the unit inspected to see that all changes as issued by the Navy Department have been made therein.The report of the Naval Board on Bombing Tests, concerning tests conducted on the USS.100 - Reports (Planning Committee this file consists mainly of reports of the Planning Committee (100-1 to 100-114 prepared for the CNO, on such matters as: naval patrol of the Great Lakes; recruitment of naval personnel; destruction of derelict vessels; disposition of surplus vessels; transfer.Consult style manuals for proper forms of address.E., the manner in which its division, subdivisions (and possible further subdivisions) are arranged.Eberle, which studied "policy with reference to upkeep of the Navy in its various branches with particular attention to aviation and its effect on fleet operations (111-1).(See notes in LL, MM, OO groups.).The many notes appearing under the subheadings in the F, N, and S groups have been to a large extent eliminated and appear as general notes in the preface to the F and N groups.104 - Personnel, included are documents relating to the following matters: exchange of officers between the Army and Navy (104-54 recruitment, retention, morale, and efficiency of the enlisted force; annual operating force personnel and replacement plans (104-32:1 and the personnel requirements needed to meet the.