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Combat lifesaver instructor guide

combat lifesaver instructor guide

Army's Combat LifeSaver (CLS) Program is an excellent initiative to get a Soldier in every squad-sized unit skilled and equipped to perform emergency life saving medical tasks; like starting.V.'s.
If hqda were to adopt the CLS insignia as uniform SOP, these could be created by any off-post sewing establishment though a specially embroidered pocket flap cover with "combat lifesaver" would be thinner and require less sewing.
Individuals may pay for themselves, or military units may pay for their Soldiers to attend; this is usually accomplished using the impac credit card.ACU Digital Patch Cover Up Kit A1551.95 Protect the exposed loop fastener on your uniform sleeves with this cover up kit.I actually have a paper on this somewhere.Sam Houston, TX DSN 429-8516/471-0275 or: COM (210) 916-8516/221-0275 computer CLS training: THE CD The ameddc S, Army Research Institute, Pennsylvania National Guard and National Guard Bureau (NGB) has aim for treo 650 software developed an interactive CD-ROM (CD 8-01, Combat Lifesaver: Medical Tasks) to be used as sustainment training.The relationship can also complement each other in cases where non-life-threatening care is accumulating and the accredited soldier can help perform basic functions while the fully certified medic performs his official duties, aid in preparing casualties/ casevac ( casualty evacuation -granted the CLS certified soldier.To establish this group enrollment, aipd must receive the following: (a) A cover letter signed by the battalion commander or a lieutenant colonel or higher.Request assignment of a CLC group number and enrollment of the designated group leader (DA Form 145 enclosed.).If you do not have a user-ID performance tests will receive promotion points (based on 40 credit hours) and be certified as a CLS.Quik-Clot Life-saving powder and gauze-must be in every CLS bag and in every Soldier's BDU leg trouser pocket going into combat!Every Medic and CLS should receive instruction on how to drive and use the various M113A3 Gavin AFVs being used for medevac and as a mobile treatment vehicle ATV.The latter has detailed instructions that must be mastered.When Complete performance tests will receive promotion points (based on 40 credit hours) and be certified as a CLS.There are 6 pockets that can be removed and replaced with saw pouches or any other molle compatible pockets.The soldiers listed on the attached roster have completed the Combat Lifesaver Course conducted by this activity during the period 19 September through 20 September 2005.VvZ1w4mmVZ40 But how can you tell who is a Combat LifeSaver or any combat medical Soldier/ Paratrooper (18D SF Medical Sergeant or 91B Aidman) unless they have an efmb (Expert Field Medical Badge) or cfmb (Combat Field Medical Badge)?