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Bf3 close quarters strategy guide

bf3 close quarters strategy guide

Whenever you see a gun symbol on there, you can grab a map-specific weapon, all of which are more powerful than anything in the standard kit.
Car Lover (Bronze Completed the mission without losing a humvee in Operation Exodus.2nd MVP Dog Tag: Get the "2nd MVP" ribbon 10 times.6 Wolf Moon: No one likes a lone wolf.Resupply Dog Tag: Get the "Resupply Efficiency" ribbon 10 times.Dropship (Bronze Destroy the Gunship.IFV Service 100 Stars: Get the "Infantry Fighting Vehicle Service Star 100".First Sergeant 2 Star Dog Tag: Reach the "First Sergeant 2 Star" rank.Tournament Winner Dog Tag: Win an official tournament.Usas-12 Master Dog Tag: Get the "Usas-12 Service Star 5".Second Lieutenant - 1,280,000 points: P90 PDW.We'll keep the Expansion Pack pages up to date epson v200 service manual as the information is released.Make the perfect Assault class.Then, when I play Battlefield online, only a tiny percentage of my team mates use spotting.Attack Helicopter Mastery Dog Tag: Get the "Attack Heli Service Star 1".Master Sergeant 1 Star Dog Tag: Reach the "Master Sergeant 1 Star" rank.Pp-2000 Proficiency Dog Tag: Get the "Pp-2000 Service Star 1".Fgm-148 Jav Master Dog Tag: Get the "Fgm-148 Jav Service Star 5".Go up to the car, and press acing your interview pdf Action to push it over the cliff and onto the soldiers below to kill man who loved only numbers pdf them and get the "Roadkill" trophy.Deadly tools (30 points Without dying, get a kill with a Carbine, Pistol and Rocket Launcher.M-Com Defender Dog Tag: Get the "M-Com Defender" ribbon 10 times.
C4 Expl Master Dog Tag: Get the "C4 Expl Service Star 5".
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