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Auto ecu in manual car honda

auto ecu in manual car honda

The kick down cable and in-built governor decide the change points of the transmission, using line and governor pressures.
I know that running the auto ECU without the auto tranny you get that nice Error 70 code, I know because I was testing the car with the auto ECU before the manual incase I miss wired something so that I wouldn't fry the manual.
The '98 ECU will have inputs, sensors, wiring and software for the '98 set-up.
Get the best deal possible by letting salvage yards compete for your business!Your '92 transmission is not operated by an ECU.You need to have '92 engine and transmission, or, '98 engine and transmission to have a single ECU controlling the installation.Locate and buy used Honda Civic EX engine control units (ecus) and other Civic EX parts by submitting a part request through.Just just need to trick the computer into thinking the auto is there.I'll look into it, I have an Auto OBD-IIB ECU from my CR-V that I can test with.I'm thinking a solution of just shorting some of the pins, maybe with a resistor as mentioned, on the Connector D may work, I'll review my ETM/FSM and see what I can find.There will always be differences between the two and they will always be incompatable.Um yeah it does coup-r i bought it as a stolen and recovered car and fixed it up, it had all sorts of electronics in it but now all that remains is a shit load of wires on the dash dunno what they were all.The engine that you have now had fitted would come under OBD2 because of its time of production.The variable valve operation would use signals from a later transmission, which you do not have fitted, as part of OBD2 control.The '92 ECU will have inputs, sensors, wiring and software for the '92 set-up.Honda, accord Automatic Transmission.Aug 16, 2009 using auto ecu in manual car.The only modification that I know of that is needed to convert an auto ECU to run in a manual.# Radio and Stereo Tape Player.
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