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2001 kia sportage service manual pdf

2001 kia sportage service manual pdf

Use a puncture repair kit if you have one.
If you get a puncture, its deeply demoralising to find that your spare wheel is flat, or worse still, that its rubber is old and perished.
If youre still not sure, refer to your cars user manual to make certain.Keep your spare wheel ready to use.Then slide the wheel off the hub.Once the nut/bolt starts to move, you should then be able to turn the wheel brace by hand to loosen it further.First, select first or reverse gear, with the engine turned off.But youll also need to make sure you line nes emulator for windows 8 up the holes with the bolt holes in the hub while youre doing.Be careful with this, as itll be heavier than you think its worth bracing yourself first so that you dont hurt your back.Keep winding until the wheel you want to change is clear of the ground you dont need to use the full extent of the jacks travel.Remember, though, that if your spare wheel is a space saver you can usually tell if it is because itll be smaller and narrower than your other wheels you wont be able to go as fast as normal.You should now be ready to get on the road again.If you cant find any rocks or bricks to chock the wheels with, try to park the car near to a kerb, and turn the steering wheel so that the front wheels are pointing in to the kerb to stop the car rolling off should.However, make sure you dont remove the nuts completely just yet you will need the wheel to stay loosely attached to the car until youve jacked.Its safe if you're careful and sensible, referring to your cars manual or to professional help wherever you need.Check the manual, if you have your cars user manual with you, this will be a great help.Usually, these are supplied with instructions, which you should follow if your vehicle is so-equipped.You may also like.This is just one of our motorway breakdown tips.Refer to your owners manual if youre in any doubt.
Never change a wheel on the motorway.
As youre going to be jacking the car up, youll want to first make sure that its safe to do so without the car falling off the jack.